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FATP is a fantasy based men's tennis game, where you pick only one player to be. If you would like to play please choose one MALE player.Make sure that the player you want to be is a male pro and NOT RETIRED PLAYERS.


In this forum you will find a topic called "Commitments for xx month". You must enter there and choose which tournaments your player will enter.

You can play only one tournament each week.

You can also enter in a tournament topic and ask for a WC if first round has not been played yet.


To compete in the tournament you must send your points (by PM to the Felix administration) .

FATP is a game of points. You have 130 points minimum (or up to 136 depending on your ranking - more on this later) to split between three sets. For instance, you could use the combination of 30-40-60, or 55-0-75, whatever you think will win.

You will not be responsible to calculate the score. The scoring depend on the points difference . If the difference between the points in a set is:

61 pts. or more - the set is 6-0
51-60 - the set is 6-1
41-50 - the set is 6-2
31-40 - the set is 6-3
21-30 - the set is 6-4
10-20 - the set is 7-5
7-9 - the set is 7-6(0)
6 - the set is 7-6(1)
5 - the set is 7-6(2)
4 - the set is 7-6(3)
3 - the set is 7-6(4)
2 - the set is 7-6(5)
1 - the set is 7-6(6)
:devil: If the points are the same, a tie breaker is played via a coin toss


You sent in these points
Set #1 =60
Set #2 =10
Set# 3 =60

and your opponent sent in these points
Set #1 =40
Set #2 =40
Set# 3 =50

You would win the match: 6-4 3-6 7-5.

Now about the Bonus Points that your player is allowed to use if you are ranked high enough.

Player position - # of pts.
#1 - points to use : 136
#2 - points to use 134
#3 - #4 - points to use 133
#5 - #8- points to use 132
#9 - Onwards - points to use 130

Remember that Bonus Points are used for SINGLES only


In each tournament’s thread you can pick a doubles partner. To play doubles we add each player’s singles points, so you don’t have to send doubles points, just sit back and watch. You can talk with your partner in private to decide a points strategy.

That's it for now. Any more rules will be further added. Now get your asses here and sign up NOW. Games will start if there's already 32 players.

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Taken Players

Gustavo Kuerten
coached by Wojtek

Rafael Nadal
coached by Puss-in-Boots

Tommy Haas
coached by Naldo

Sebastien Grosjean
coached by Eclectic Goddess

Fernando Gonzalez
coached by jturpin4

James Blake
coached by Kar16d

Roger Federer
coached by Fergie

Andy Roddick
coached by thecorrs

Carlos Moya
coached by Deco

Guillermo Coria
coached by PanCakeSong

Gaston Gaudio
coached by George WHitler

Mardy Fish
coached by Eowyn

Alex Bogomolov, Jr
coached by Tennis724

Rainer Schüttler
coached by SuperFurryAnimal

Richard Gasquet
coached by silverwhite

Marat Safin
coached by cadiac

Marc Kimmich
coached by ozfan44

Joachim Johansson
coached by Sharon

Feliciano Lopez
coached by martirogi

Taylor Dent
coached by triplemighty

Robby Ginerpi
coached by Nreakaway
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MONSOON season.
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Sorry, please disregard my sign-up post.

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Ooops sorry, I thought this thread was about feeling good about being fat. Bye

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Felix said:
Oh and Andy Roddick is already reserved by someone.
Who took Roddick?:(

Tommy Haas then.

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Sebastien Grosjean, s'il vous plait!

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9 people well at least 23 more to go. :haha:

Im not really familiar with MTF, so can you guys please ask your friends to join the game. :)

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Roger Federer for me please :angel:

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11 people, 21 more to go :help:

I'll do the pm thingy soon.
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2 more people joined. :)
19 more to go. :lol:
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