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Fama est Haas had blood tests done and the results weren't good, but I'm waiting until I see something official to believe that. Fama also est the Nadal camp has been accused officially--as in to the umpire--of courtside coaching more than once by different players, and my personal opinion is that they need to be watched more closely. Fama erat Safin was thinking of retirement, but that was exploded shortly thereafter by Webby. Not that it necessarily means anything other than that a GS is waiting in the wings--he always has to hit rock bottom and think about retiring before he shows us all what he's capable of. :smash: Marat, why do you have to make it so hard on yourself?

Almost glad I'm not an especial Gasquet fan: today has to hurt.

Sort of procrastinating around MTF, sort of working. I'm not the slightest bit worried about acing Welsh this quarter, IE Linguistics should be fine if I put some sporadic effort in, the paper will happen, it always does, but the History of Latin qual is nagging at my brain. My grasp of comparanda is weak, just because I haven't been around as long as everyone else, and I'm a little worried about PIE paradigms as well. Am also a little concerned because so much of the reading has been in German, and my German is not great either. I think if I review the inscriptions, though, I'll be good with seen and with sight translations and commentary, and I'll study the Weiss chapters and at least the Latin-internal part will be fine.

Eagerly counting down to the French Open. Draw out on Friday! Oh, I dreamed Haas was in Federer's eighth again. I'll just be happy if he plays, though.
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