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Bleegh! So not looking forward to next week :ras: I got 6 exams (or tentamens, as we call it in Dutch, my real exams are end of May ..)
- History
- French writing
- Dutch literature
- Spanish reading
- Economics
- Spanish listening
The good things are that I can only study for 3 of them .. I can't learn for reading, writing and listening .. I just need to prepare .. mentally :lol:
But I gotta learn for my worst subjects :rolleyes: Hope I survive! And the other good thing is that I hav wednesday and thursday off :D No exams then :woohoo: :woohoo:
So ya'll know how my weekend's gonna be .. : Studying, studying and more studying ..
Haven't heard from Shane since Monday :sad: I miss him! he can't text me anymore because he's getting a new phone and he hasn't got money to text me, but this takes too long!! I miss him, but am afraid to call him :angel: Dunno what to say! We're more 'text-people' ;) But this is taking too long! Why isn't he replying! :awww: And he's almost never on msn .. I'm gonna call him tomorrow if he didn't reply by then! I miss him :sad: And all I gotta do this weekend is STUDY!

*Sigh* Wish me luck! ... Gonna watch tv now :rolleyes: Am bored ..
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