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After 3 session washouts in a row I am seriously starting to get ANGRY!! :mad: Stupid hurricanes :explode: It had better be nice tomorrow OR ELSE. I'm not exactly sure how I would punish a storm but BEWARE anyways :armed:

I'm painting the walls of my bedroom seven different colours. The guy who mixed the paint probably thought I was a lunatic :lol: I have to take off the wallpaper but I don't really know how, so I'm just going to tear at it and hope there are not any disastrous results.

That's it. I wish I'd thought of writing this thing while I was at Cincy and Toronto, then I'd actually have something more to SAY. :apumpkin:

P.S. I really am becoming a big Federer fan. I'm getting all pissed off and defensive when someone criticises him now :unsure: I hated him up until this year :lol:
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