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I think some countries need help in showing artists that should perform for them, because I've got a feeling it will be very Lordi-like. Or heavier than Lordi at some times :p :lol:

Finland = Nightwish (It's okay and they already took 2nd place in the quallies once)
Sweden = Marduk
Norway = Burzum (he needs to be got out from the jail for burning churches and killing people though)
UK = Cradle of Filth (finally a chance for the Brits to win again :banana: )
The Netherlands = The Gathering
Italy = Lacuna Coil (time for Italy to show up :devil: )
Belgium = Suhrim
Germany = Tiamat (I'd still go for Die Toten Hosen... Germany always perform the best when they send comics!)
Portugal = Moonspell
Switzerland = Hellhammer
Denmark = King Diamond
Poland = Vader

I'd write some more but I don't have time and anyway everybody knows who's gonna win - the most :dance: band which is System of a Down to play for Armenia!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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