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Eurosport Schedule

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Mon Dec 30- Thu Jan 2
One Match LIVE 1500

Friday Jan 3
QF LIVE 1300

Sat Jan 4
Semi LIVE 1500

weird....... they dont show Tennis on the sunday :confused: :mad: ????

Check here ........
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anyone knows if Dubai Sport Channel (EDTV) will show it?!
I don't think EDTV will broadcast it, they only show their own tournament. Last year I've seen the final on Qatar, their own channel.
how is called Qatar channel?is a free one?
I think the final in Doha is already on Saturday so Eurosport will show it. :)
It's just called Qatar and it's on the satellite, so for free
thanks Ilhame!i'll get it for sure.u know if they show only the final?
I thinks so
Haven't got their tv schedule
ok thanks :)
us tv sux
i wish i had eurosport
wow thanks Judio! :)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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