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We will need to make some adjustments to UTT events upcoming, since we have had no luck finding managers that can manage in Europe , and can't justify asking current TT managers as we are already running thin, we will make some adjustments until Clay season is over.

What is likely is we will run the 3 Masters events and RG , with a 64 draw in all 3 masters and no 2nd chance brackets , to make it less time consuming for us to manage in a poor time zone.

Also will not attempt to post every week at 6 am our time , likely something like 1 or 2 PM CET daily will be the plan, once we have a closer look during each MASTERS event and RG, but will have a set time to post diffs, so not to waste players time looking, which will certainly be a couple of hours after start of play early in the weeks.

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