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Yes thats right ESPN is the devil incarnate. Coverage starts at 10:30pm EST, thats about 15 minutes into the start of the LIVE quarterfinal match between Schuettler and Nalbandian.

Oh how foolish I was to think that they would show this match when they have a taped american serena match.

Fine.....I can deal with the fact that this network has so much nationalistic furor that they want to show the american versus american match. I knew this would only last an hour, and I figured I can suffer through watching serena completely overwhelm meghann with the thought that I might be able to see the LIVE men's quarterfinal.

Cut to the end of serena's match....."up next we will have complete coverage of kim clijsters versus anastacia myskina" :eek: What? What? W H A T!?

Not only do they decide to disregard the LIVE match that was ongoing at that time, but they have the audacity to show snippets of the Ferrero/Ferreira match! This was yesterday! HELLO?!, THERES A MATCH ON CENTER COURT GOING ON RIGHT NOW!!!

After the clips of this match we are then treated with delightful commentary and banter (read: nauseating verbage spewing forth from the mouths of the Cerberus that is Pam Shriver, Mary Carillo, and PMac). And what useful dialogue transpired between these three? Thats right! Roddick's chances of getting into the semifinal :mad:

Cut to Chris Fowler and Mary-Joe yakking more about the quarterfinal with Roddick/El Ayanoui, Grosjean/Agassi, and Ferrero/Ferreira.....oh wait, thats three what about the fourth you ask? Well since it was currently going on they couldnt even bring themselves to mention the names of the nobodies who are playing because they obviously dont exist and are figments of people's imaginations.

And now the Clijsters/Myskina match........

Im beyond the point of anger now, and all I can do is shake my head and wish ten thousand pitchforks to the abdomens of the producers that decide what to show on this demon channel. :mad:
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Cerberus :hearts: Nice reference.

Anyway, they had promoted both matches for the past 24 hours and didn't mention they would ever show the Schuettler match, so you should have seen it coming.

They'll probably show match point of that match after this one. ;)
I hate the coverage of ESPN, they only pass American player's :fiery:
well you shouldn't be all pissed off because they're showing the women's matches. all this time they've pretty much been showing the men's matches and it's about time that they started to show the women's matches,besides of course Serena and Venus. yeah it doesn suck really hard that you can't see ur fav play,don't get me wrong, but ESPN sux. they should just show the best match they think is gonna be played, and it doesn't always have to be the freakin Americans. GEEZ
Sorry, but rather see Williams taped than any boring Schuettler match live
That's because you are xenophobic ;)
Yes, someone needs to get over the World Wars.
I'd rather watch the Williams sisters, (my faves), than Nalbandian/Schuettler. And judging from the score, it was a real snoozefest!

They do concentrate on American players too much and wish they would switch courts like TNT does @ Wimbledon, but they don't, which is unfortunate. Maybe if we e-mail, write letters etc., we can persuade them to do so.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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