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Hi and sorry for not updating the blog so often. I was very busy lately.

First, I've been to Monte-Carlo last week, it was great but I'll write my report afterwards. Now, I just wanted to tell something about my favourite player : Thomas Enqvist.

He announced last thursday that he was retiring. I have to admit that we, the fans of Enqvist expected that moment for so many months. Lily sent me a sms when I was in the train from Monte-Carlo to Carcassonne (the place where I stayed to visit my family, it's in the south of France).
Here's the link :
The place is popular for its medieval castle.

Well, back to Enqvist...
We are all very sad at the moment, we still had the hope that he'd come back. Unfortunately, this player has always been injured, he was maybe the unluckiest player in the world (and I'm objective). He has been injured everywhere :lol: Unfortunately, he didn't have the carrier he deserves even if he got great results :

- World junior champion in 1991
- Number 4 in 1999
- 19 ATP single titles
- 1 ATP double
- DC winner

Well, he doesn't have to be ashamed of the carrier he made.

I really hope that he'll play on the senior tour someday. It will be bad for my bank account hehe

With the fans, we want to collect messages and make a present. We'll send it to the Swedish federation. We hope he'll like everything.

Well, we wish him all the best in his new life :hug:

Bye bye Thomas and thanks for everything. Thanks to him I met some great friends with whom I still continue to go to the tournaments.

:hug: :hug:
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