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I went to the movies this afternoon to see "Madea's Family Reunion". I saw it on DVD as a play, and I was interested to see how it would look on film. Great movie. I also have a couple of others I'm going to check on...ATL and Akeelah and the Bee.

Second, I visited with my aunt, who greeted me with her rendition of "Happy Birthday". I didn't get to stay long (long enough to get some reading done and to see Oprah) because it was time to...

Go out to eat with mom, my stepdad, and my brother. We went to Ruby Tuesday's. I love that place-other than O'Charley's and Panera Bread. They gave me so much food, that I couldn't eat it all. I requested a to-go box to eat later. After that, my mother took me to the mall to get new shoes.

I am now home...and I'm going to tune in to AI to see who gets the brush-off and who stays for another week. Some of those Stevie Wonder renditions....:spit:
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