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As if Friday's commute to my conference was frustrating enough, just today I almost had an accident.

The drive was routine enough....15 miles to and from school. Well....on my way to class today, a pickup truck with a flatbed trailer in back swerved on the road, almost leaving the right shoulder into a ditch; overcorrected to get himself back on the road but ended up crossing the entire westbound lane onto the median, forcing a man in a red van to cross over to the eastbound lanes to prevent an accident; and finally settled onto the grassy median.

I was directly behind the red van. If this occurred twenty or thirty seconds earlier, I would have been the unfortunate recipient of this driver's carelessness. I didn't understand why the driver of the pickup had the flatbed hooked to the back; he wasn't transporting anything. In any case, no accident happened.

Just goes to show you how careless some people can be-for no reason at all. Made me appreciate very much the stall in traffic I experienced Friday.
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