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Hmm... dreams, WTF is it with dreams? I don't mind them, but sometimes they get the better of me.

So many types of dreams.

The funny/fantasy dream.
These are always good, usually lighthearted and when you wake up you will probably feel good :)

The weird dream.
These can be good, bad or go from good to bad and vv. Example (good going bad): Being in a car with my 3 favourite tennisplayers, Verdasco, Moya, Nadal. Sitting in the backseat. So far so good. All of a sudden whoever is driving drives us all down a cliff! I couldnt remember who was driving all I know is that it wasnt Moya, he was sitting next to me!

I mean, WHY would I be in a car with these 3 guys and, even more important, why did it turn nasty when Rafa or Fer decided to "kill" us by driving off a cliff? Waking up from this one was pretty bad, like in total shock!

The bad/nasty dream.
Or is this the nightmare? In any case, they totally suck basically! There have been many times when I woke up with tears in my eyes. How intense is that?

I have been having a mix of these dreams the last few weeks. I would say they are both weird and bad. When you dream about people you love and they get hurt or whatever, it's not a good thing trust me. Im sure there is a meaning behind it but it gives me a sad feeling and makes me want to stay awake the rest of the night!

It goes to the "very creepy" stage when certain things you dream about become true! (of course always the bad stuff, never the fantasy ones.. :rolleyes: ) I could cope with the dreams (good or bad) but the coming true bit can stop please, thanks)

I know Im extremely sensitive to some things, also things that can't be seen, heard or touched. I have no idea how to handle it and it scares the crap out of me! Maybe I'll go and buy a book about dreams and their meanings. Then again, would this make things worse I wonder? LOL

hmm did this make any sense? Probably not.... :p
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