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I'm not tired of living here yet, contrary to everyone's presuppositions - my sisters and other friends said I would never be able to live overseas for more than a couple weeks but I still love it. I've been out of the states for about a month and I don't even miss it...I miss my sisters and some friends but I still talk to them so I'm not really homesick at all. I miss my cats :eek: but I now have a cat and her 4 newborn kittens living in my courtyard so I'm having fun with them.

my traveling companions from the last time I was in morocco have flown down for the week to visit me. it's a bit weird to have two loud aussies in the house since I'm used to living alone but I'm happy to have english-speaking company. I just wish they weren't chain smokers!!

I took them to visit all the friends we made last time we were in the country...including a guy who tried to sell us as many berber rugs as he had in his shop, teenagers we bonded with who sell orange juice (and weed) outside the hotel where we stayed in may, and a couple waiters at a restaurant in the area. we also went to a cyber cafe where we met a guy named tariq who was crushingly disappointed when he realized we weren't canadian. why, you ask? well it turns out that he was in love with a moroccan girl and they had a typical love story and were planning a future as a couple...unfortunately the girl's mother hates him and wouldn't allow them to be together. after the girl threatened her parents with running away (an empty threat because that just doesn't happen here) the girl's parents took action and sent her to montreal to live with relatives. they didn't even allow her to say goodbye to tariq and they won't tell him her address or phone number or anything. tariq doesn't have a phone at his house and mail is pretty much a nightmare here plus he doesn't think she even knows his address. ummm that last part is because streets don't really have noticeable names here unless they're main have to rely more on directions and memory to get from point A to point B.

anyway he spends a lot of his time sitting in a cyber cafe trying to do research and find her. he thinks she probably works in a bank in montreal, and he seems to think that montreal is a tiny place where it would be easy to find someone who knows her. I don't really know where he looks online all day to find her, he's not even very good at english so it's really hopeless. he was there every night we went to the cyber cafe back in may and I've gone to see him a couple times while I've been here this month. he was very surprised to see us and he was disappointed that we didn't have any information for him. but I'm not exactly sure what I could do to help him anyway.
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