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Doubles always drew a crowd at Legg Mason Classic in DC!

We were sponsor there and had a box and several hundred reserve seats. Spending lots of time watching Doubles meant spending lots of time in the Grandstand Court or the side courts BUT ..more often than not..Bob (the lefty) and Mike Bryan were in the thick of the draw!

We labeled them the Bouncy Brothers because of thier footwork mantra before each defensive point!

Since winning a record number of Davis Cup Doubles, I've been recalling how much fun we have had, over the years..watching these guys!

One time, when Agassi was going to play Rusedski ..a lefty..he grabbed hold of Bob Bryan to drill with..also being a lefty. Bob was so enchanted that Agassi chose him to drill with prior to his match, he went on a binge for the next play Tour singles. Bubbled with joy thru the warm up with "himself" ..who at the time was #1 in the world.

There was another time, a night Doubles and Tarango, sarcastically, before a point called "time" ..and claimed that the Bryan Brothers had changed sides! They were all laughing, and the Bryan Brothers flipped racquets and mugged guilt-ily. But of course it was all a joke and even the umpire was laughing as he penalized Tarango a point for ..whatever!

The point is..these guys are fun. They really enjoy the game and the limelight and they don't hide this fact. They're still very fresh and I hope I get another chance to see them before they ...whatever!

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