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Who will win the doubles?

  • (1)Husarova/Suarez

    Votes: 9 45.0%
  • Likhovtseva/Zvereva

    Votes: 6 30.0%
  • (WC)Stevenson/S. Williams

    Votes: 4 20.0%
  • Daniilidou/Vis

    Votes: 1 5.0%
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ok, so while everyone gets caught up in the singles, let's have a change in pace. who's gonna win the doubles? we've got some strange teams here, but one of the has to win.

The Candidates:
(1)Janette Husarova/Paola Suarez - 2 of the 4 reigning US Open finalists. Not your usual team, but they've been doing pretty well together. The new number one in doubles prefers the clay, but her balance with Husarova (who seems to adjust to all surfaces, reaching the quarterfinals here in singles), has paid off. Why they could win: When your combined ranking reaches 6 in doubles, you know you have a good combination. Why they might not win: Indoors is not their best surface and this is their first time together.

Elena Likhovtseva/Natasha Zvereva - one of the best doubles players on tour now combined with one of the doubles greats of all time. Why they might win: Look at who's playing. They have been cleaning up as a pair dropping 1 game in their last match. Why they might not win: Look who's playing. Likhovtseva has a tendency to do poorly in doubles when her singles fails her. And Zvereva is not as good as she once was (although, she still is pretty good).

Alexandra Stevenson/Serena Williams - what a combination. Who came up with this one is what I want to know. You've got an inconsistent baseliner who hasn't done much in a while in singles paired with the number 1 in the world. Why they might win: If you consider how good Serena is in general, it doesn't really matter if she plays doubles or singles. And Stevenson represents the same playing style as Venus, making her a good substitue for the older sister. Why they might not win: Stevenson isn't Venus and doesn't even come close to Venus's consistency or mental strength. Not to mention that Serena will probably pull out of it for her singles and is never really focused that much on doubles anyway.

Eleni Daniilidou/Caroline Vis - there isn't too much to say about this pair. After Daniilidou surprisingly bowed out in singles this week, she turend to doubles, which might have been a good idea. Why they might win: They've been playing very well this week together and are very consistent. Not to mention they might be thrown a bone if Serena withdraws from the doubles. Besides, Vis is a good doubles player anyway. Why they might not win: They still might have to face Alexandra and Serena. They aren't very experienced. Vis has had much sucess with Alexandra Fusai this year, so this not so recent change may still take time to find a rhythm.

Say what you will about my anlysis, but just pick one :p thanx :)

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I saw Eleni and Vis (Visy) train in Leipzig, they is a nice team, hope they can win. :)
Thats what I hope, but I think team Paola/Husarova will win.

I also saw Nat/Elena play, don't think they can win.
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