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Is a jerk.

Players leave Syracuse early for the NBA, it's cool, we accept it. Carmelo left Syracuse after we won the national championship, but we still love him, and we knew he was going on to be one of the great players in the NBA. He also seemed genuinely upset to leave us and he still is interested in Syracuse and donates money and equipment to the school. He seems grateful for what Syracuse gave him.

We like Carmelo.

Donte Green on the other hand is a little shit. He is completely full of himself and completely ungrateful for everything. Reading that article made me pissed that I ever supported the guy. He is definitely not as good as he thinks he is. He was incredibly inconsistent the entire season, fouled out of a huge percentage of games. Yes he's talented, but I think Donte Green is still a huge work in progress. He could have used just one more year. But he thinks he is going to be a top 10 draft pick and enter the NBA and instantly have the same kind of impact as a Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James or Dwayne Wade (that was a pretty kickass draft year huh?) and he's just not. He's not developed enough for that... the only reason he came to Syracuse is that he wouldn't have been drafted in the first round right out of high school.

You know what? I hope he's still not. I hope all those foreign players that always kind of mess up the draft and make guys slide down, I hope they push him down.

I regret several years ago when Syracuse was trying to get Donte that I joined the student section in chanting "Donte! Donte!" at a football game he was attending as a potential recruit.

Why'd we even bother?

When Syracuse is hoisting the national championship trophy next year when we have Devo and Rautins back, with Jonny Flynn, and everyone from this year, I hope he enjoys watching it from whatever bench he's warming.


I used to think Devendorf was my least favorite player on the team but watching him support the team from the bench last year made me change my mind. I may not love him, but his heart is in Syracuse for better or for worse and I know he appreciates what Boeheim and Hopkins are doing to develop him. There will probably never be someone like Gerry McNamara again in Syracuse, someone who gives their heart and soul to the school, to the city, and who gets their hearts and souls back. Donte Green gave us shit and he'll get shit back. Simple as that. I hope he never shows his face in Syracuse again, by his words, I doubt he will. What a POS.

I just read this now:

Yeah this is why we like Carmelo.
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