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I don't know what to write about...let's see,

Well, let's do a week recap.

So far, i had on monday and tuesday 2 fun days at work 'cause i was having lectures about free software. It went pretty well, the food was good :rolls: and of course i got learn new things ... owh and they gifted me and the other participants a 512 MB pendrive, which is always necessary :cool:.

I don't work in informatics but it was good to take part of it and see what other disciplines job is about on a more concise way.

Today i'm packed with all the things i have to do from work, and yet i can't log out from MTF and WTAWORLD.

Yeah, i'm addicted :tape:
They should have a AA like place for these forums. I'm not worried at all, i'll be ok, i can do both at the same time (chatting :tape: and working :yeah:).

Tomorrow morning i'm going to a field trip, hopefully that will be great and we'll manage to get all the required info we're looking for. I like to go to these field trips, you get to learn a lot, but who am i kidding?...being in this comfy office chatting from time to time is more comfortable :tape:

that's it.

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