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Hahaha, I didn't think I would ever talk to him again .. But I am .. Shane :rolleyes: :p
He was onlin yesterday on msn and we just talked (with webcam :p *Aaaaah, I'm so addicted to his smile :eek:*) .. And surprisingly, we didn't stop talking after 10 minutes, but we just talked and talked like nothing ever happened :angel: And it was a pretty cool feeling, to just talk to him again ..
Eventually we talked for 1 hour and 45minutes :angel: And there wasn't one silence! And I felt goooood after that conversation. Absolutely NOT convinced of wanting him back! ;) But just the feeling of having talked to him :yeah: It made me feel great! Ask Jim! I couldn't stop smiling :lol:
I was very happy that night during dinner and after ;) So I signed in on msn again, but he wasn't there .. He appeared like 15 minutes later .. I just started talking to him, hoping that we'd have the same kind of conversation we had earlier, but to my surprise a friend of his was there too! THAT'S when I didn't knew what to talk about anymore :p :eek: So I was quiet ..
But Shane and his friend started a webcam conversation, so we both had our webcam on .. ( His friend wasn't that good looking :lol: ) And I know how I act when I'm on msn with a friend AND a webcam - fun fun fun! So the same with Shane :p They just asked all kinds of things and were just annoying in some way :rolleyes: :p But I didn't care .. Eventually I started to play along and it was kinda fun :p Until my dad kicked me off the computer .. So I had to go, but it was fun! :p
And this morning I came online and Shane was there too .. I decided to wait and see if Shane was gonna talk to me .. And he did .. And guess how he started: Hey schatje ( you all know that from Esther :lol: ) and started the webcams .. I didn't response on his 'Hey schatje' but just said Goodmorning :angel: :lol: We had a small talk after that and then he had to go .. I'm sure I'll talk to him again soon .. He REASSURED me of it :p so we'll see ..

I'm still very busy with school .. Still 4 days left till I have to go to school again, and I DON'T WANT TO! :mad: I want to relax and do NOTHING instead of doing homework all day .. I know I have a SET-week in 2 weeks , but I don't feel like studying so hard .. yet .. I'll just see and spend my last days working for school .. I'll tell you how it went :)

Have a great week everybody :wavey: :hug:
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