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I've only been here for like a week but I'm already a pro again at spotting and avoiding piles of donkey shit in the medina without getting 1) run down by a donkey itself or 2) bumping into other unsuspecting people :p it's surprising difficult to look forward to where you're going and look down at the ground at the same time!

I went shopping yesterday for some little things that one should always have around the house but don't necessarily use on a daily basis. the big supermarkets here are like mini malls and they have tons of shops within them...of course I ended up in lacoste buying polos which was slightly surreal considering my present location in africa :lol: I'm sticking to my western style of dressing since I'd feel like a poser trying to fit in here and wear anything really arab. that means people stare more and some even ask me if I'm a movie star or something, apparently all western blondes are actresses who come from california or something. most don't speak much english here but they try to have a conversation with me that inevitably goes something like this:

him: bonjour!
(I smile because I don't know much french so I don't want to get into a conversation)
him: ahh, english!
me: american...
him: american??? california?
me: no, not california!
him: las vegas??
me: no...
him: disneyland??? mickey mouse??
me: virginia!
him: (blank look)
me: near washington dc!
him: washington! president bush!
[etc...he usually keeps yelling random pop culture words at me while I wave and try to walk away]

so while americans' views of muslim countries and the middle east are reduced to terrorism, religious fanaticism and poor people...they reduce the US to las vegas, mickey mouse and president bush :shrug:

but I still love it here!

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:lol: :lol: Last true......... Thanks for the great read. Do you feel safe?? I've wanted to travel through that region, but I'm afraid for my safety.
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