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Doha r1 Murray def. Rochus 60 62

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Muzza made quick work of the Belgian....he looks dangerous

Go Muzza!!!
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Olivier :sad: It was much closer than that. :eek:
Rochus started playing at 6-0 4-0, was 40-0 up to go to 4-3 but still lost that game. Easy serving out for Murray after that.

Nice start to the season.
Rochus played a lot better from 4-0 15-40 onwards for a couple of games just when it seemed like he was going to get double bagelled. In that short period of time, there were a lot of entertaining rallies. Too bad it only lasted about 15 minutes.
great second set once rochus got his first game. it could've gone either way in the end, rochus had a couple of break points in the middle of the set to put murray under pressure. he toughed it out in the end convincingly though, good job by the scot.

murray was too passive during parts of the second set, in order to break into the top 5 or something like that he might have to work on staying aggressive for a longer period of time, taking it to his opponent everytime. a higher-ranked player than rochus would probably have taken advantage of his lack of power during those rallies.
Gasquet would never beat Rochus 6-0 6-2

what a talent this boy from Dunblane
Only saw the last game, but I'm impressed with Murray's physique...he has really worked hard on his fitness and core strength over the off-season. :yeah:

Serve is still the liability it usually is...his team should sort this out sooner rather than later.
thought it was a really professional performance from andy, played really well in the first set without being spectacular and in the second when rochus was starting to come into the match he stayed calm and focused and so was able to close out the match

first post :D :wavey::woohoo:
Impressive start to a new season with new coaching arrangement and newer racket!

Keep it up Andy!
very good performance, should be a good AO for him
be aware. andy is going to be in top 5 soon. only injures prevented him from reaching top 5 last year. Go, Andy!
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