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Just for Tennis fans that are also happen to be computer geeks and want to explore themselves the vastness of tennis statistical data, here is the pre-populated PostgreSQL relational database Docker image!


The data is the same as at Jeff Sackmann free CSV tennis repo (JeffSackmann/tennis_atp) with some additions and corrections brought by UTS (Ultimate Tennis Statistics) and is containing all data up to and including 2019 season.
However, the data is structured into the normalized relational database schema with tables for entities like player, tournament, tournament_event, match, player_ranking... and many, many more.
Also, a lot of data is pre-aggregated into materialized views, like player_performance, player_season_performance, player_season_stats, player_surface_stats, player_stats...

With this Docker image, you can easily execute SQL commands against structured ATP tennis data and mine out whatever statistical information you want!

Instructions on how to use it are here: Docker image with PostgreSQL database pre-populated with ATP tennis data · Issue #337 · mcekovic/tennis-crystal-ball
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