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Seems like things comes in lots these days... When one thing happen and it scratches the surface, be sure the same issue will come back and haunt you again and again, just so you'll start thinking (seriously) about it...

So, lately, I've been getting these weird vibes about people surrounding me... It makes you realise, who do you really, truly know?! And do they really, truly know you?! I don't know why, but suddenly, these people who've been close (very close, actually) to me seems like total strangers... Some of the decisions they make are very unlike them - at least, to me, it's unlike them to do/think so... And sometimes, there are these random things that I just don't understand - something that I never knew they had in them. It's just been too many surprises that I just don't get anymore...

I'm not sure if my stressfulness has anything to do with it... Of course, due to a recent event that made me feel totally useless has just been getting to me a bit too much... Really, this guy has no idea who I am, how capable I can be - who is he to pass judgement on me like that? And I'm doing my best now to prove him wrong - to make him feel sorry for disrespecting me like that. I'm only human - my feelings always dictates my days... And I don't intend to change it... I may be working on robots, but I do not intend to become one myself...

It's just been a bad few days... :sad:
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