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Do French have to resort to these tactis?

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or does Escude need this kind of help?

Marat or Sjeng are still playing their match, their first set and it's already 10:30 in Paris and one of them will have to play against Escude at 4-5pm...

shame or unfair organizers.....................:mad: :mad: :mad:
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Sorry for Marat but somebody has to play the night matches...

I guess they cannot make Safin/Escudé play the 4th or 3rd match tomorrow because the French TV is showing only the 2 first quarters.

(That's why they put Agassi/Moya first, thinking it would be Grosjean) :D
Okay really - 4 or 5 is NOT that big of a deal.

It isn't like they put him on at 11am, sheesh.
And don't tell me baby Marat is not used to go to bed after midnight. :angel:

Just ask the Safinettes. :eek: ;)
[email protected] Tryphon...;) ;) btw, you must be a rak yakker. fess up now...:p :p

go Escude!!!!!! :bounce:
and what if Shalken won the match? he is usually in bed by 10... right?
if Sjeng had won then Nicolas would be jumping up and down ;)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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