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The 2011 season in men's tennis has belonged to Novak Djokovic and his achievements are likely to go down in history among the annuls of world sport.

The Serbian star has captured 10 titles, including the Australian Open, Wimbledon and the French Open Grand Slams, and has lost only two matches all year – with one of them the result of having to withdraw through injury.

He has dominated everyone in the rankings including Rafa Nadal – a powerful star many thought was impenetrable – as he defeated the Spaniard in six tournament finals. Those who bet on Andy Murray will know the British star seems even further behind the top players now.

Even Pete Sampras, one of the all-time greats, has hailed Djokovic's phenomenal year as "one of the best achievements in all of sports" and he could improve this record before the season ends.

The way the Serb has dominated the male side of tennis in 2011 he is likely to win another couple of tournaments before the end of the year and he will undoubtedly go into the season-ending ATP World Tour Finals as favourite to end the year off in style. People who bet on tennis should remember this.

From another perspective, that prestigious tournament gives the likes of Nadal and Roger Federer one last chance to show they are not in the shadows of Djokovic and are capable of challenging him more next year.

However given the way he has steamrollered his way to title after title over the season so far, there will not be many people looking much further than Djokovic when picking a winner for London.
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