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This year Djokovic has a record of 10-3 playing 30+ players (he lost to Karlovic (35), Federer (33) and Wawrinka (30)) and a record of and a record of 31-0 playing players that are at most 29.

This means that playing old players (when I say old I mean 30 or older) he won about 77% of his matches that is far below his usual performance.

Here are his records in previous years:

2014: 61-8 (88%)
2013: 74-9 (89%)
2012: 75-12 (86%)
2011: 70-6 (92%)
2010: 61-18 (77%, still better than 10-3 77.2% against 76.9%)
2009: 78-19 (80%)
2008: 64-17 (79%)
2007: 68-19 (78%)
2006: 40-18 (69%)
2005: 11-11 (50%)
2004: 2-3 (40%)
before 2003 he never played more than futures

This means we have to go back to 2006 when he started the year with 18 years and 78 in the rankings and finished with 19 and 16 in the rankings to find a season when he has such a bad record as the one he has this year if we consider (for this year) only matches against 30+ players.

Why do you think this happens? Is it a matter of experience that you need to know how to defeat Nole and how to play against him?

Also last year he had troubles playing old players, this were the ages of the players who defeated Nole last year:

AO: Wawrinka (28y10m)
Dubai: Federer (32y6m)
Montecarlo: Federer (32y8m)
RG: Nadal (28y0m)
Toronto: Tsonga (29y4m)
Cincinnati: Robredo (32y3m)
US Open: Nishikori (24y8m)
Shanghai: Federer (33y2m)

This means that he lost to players with an average of 30 years and 2 months old. and besides Nishikori in the US Open the youngest player who defeated Novak was Wawrinka in the AO who was very close to turn 29.

Why can't youngest players like Raonic (H2H: 5-0) or Dimitrov (H2H: 5-1), defeat Novak but old players even like Robredo (20 in the rankings when he defeated Djokovic in Cincinnati) or Tsonga (15 in Toronto) can?

I'd love to hear a good explanation about this fact...
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