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My wife and I do not miss any major ATP or grandslam tournaments on our supersport channels in South Africa. Djokovic has become our latest hero. He seems to have such strong faith in his God, always giving him the honor for his victories with him pointing his finger up and making the cross on his heart. He has had some amazing come-backs, which makes one wonders..... I also happen to have the same diet challnges he has, which makes us want to support him even more, reaching all his sucesses with this challenge on top of it. I teach students from Serbia and we share this - Djokovic is our hero. Even with the Serbian working at our local chemist, we have long discussions about what the future holds for Nola and the respect we have for him. Novak certainly has a heart of gold, reaching out not only to the people in his torn country, but also to orphans.

We were sad for his loss against Nadal recently, but then who can doubt in the amazing athletic abilities and driving spirit of Nadal.

We are hoping for another win at Wimbledon for Nola - it is going to be an interesting year at Wimbledon I suspect.

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