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Novak Djokovic recently revealed his early-season schedule to the delight of fans hoping to catch a glimpse of the tennis legend as he strives to reclaim the world number one status in 2013.

Djokovic starts his campaign relatively easily, playing in an Abu Dhabi exhibition event before flying to Perth to partner Anna Ivanovic in the Hopman Cup. He has a relaxed schedule ahead of the Australian Open, a factor many fans at claim will aid his efforts to win a third successive Grand Slam down under.

For Djokovic is on the verge of making history in Melbourne this January. Having won the title in both 2011 and 2012, the Serb is on for a hat-trick of crowns – a feat no one has ever done before. Some of the game’s greats have fallen at two, with Rodger Federer, Andre Agasi, Jim Courier and Ivan Lendl all recording back-to-back victories in Melbourne.

Yet without a three-peat champion Melbourne will never be as historically renowned as its three sister Slams. For there is a real feeling that Australia, probably the least ‘historic’ of the four Slams, still has a lot to do to catch up to Wimbledon, New York and Roland Garros in terms of prestige. These three Slams have all produced greats, with Federer dominating Wimbledon and Rafael Nadal the French.

Both Federer and Lendl have ‘hat-tricked’ in New York, yet Australia in its ‘Open’ status cannot yet boast a homecoming king. Djokovic could be the man who propels the Melbourne into history this January; for to win one Grand Slam is an achievement in itself but three in a row indicates a true legend has grown to love that tournament and the fans him.

There is certainly pressure on the Serb to succeed come January, with plenty of money placed on him over at But his relaxed early season will help. Nole will become a tennis legend should he win in Melbourne, catapulting the tournament to new highs in the process.
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