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Funny, I didn't miss it at all. :eek: :rolls:

Now, what to write :scratch: I've nothing very interesting to tell to you, but you know what? IT'S MY BLOG, so I'm gonna feed you like gooses with boring stuff :nerner:

So, if you don't wanna be bored this is the last warning...



I'm having fun :haha: I should drink some more Glühwein. :lol:

I've just finished reading "Corpus Christi" by Terrence McNally, weird stuff, but a good laugh, and he's got a point. :lol: And before that I read Albee's "The Zoo Story" :lol: more weird stuff. I think I should go on with "Beggar on Horseback" by Kaufmann & Conelly to make 3 weird plays in a row. :scratch: Or do you have any other suggestions???

OMFG :eek: I turned my telly on and went :hysteric: :eek: Tic Tac Toe is back :scared: I thought we got rid off them :unsure: that soooooo sucks :ras:

Me hungry and sleepy, think I should go now. :bigwave:
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