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Delpo obliterates Feli 6-4 6-3

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Solid serving from JMDP. Bad match from Feli. Go Delpo!
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No heart from Feli after he lost his advantage in the 1st set.. sad way for him to finish the season.

Very solid from Del Potro, but that hair is awful.
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good job Delpo, the guy is talented

I think people are giving way too much credit to Lopez for a couple of good sets he has played serving out of his mind
Lalo tanked so he has enough time to get his nails coloured
They were both wearing an identical T-shirt :rolls:

Feli :(
LaLo was really terrible. JMDP didn't even need to play well to beat him. Still good result for him, but really poor from Lopez.
Feli! :( :mad:
But at least he looks pretty. :angel:
Disappointing for Lopez to end the season going out in the first round. But it takes nothing away from him having a very good second half of the saving second half some would argue. Starting the year ranked around 79th, falling to 96th in February, and finishing in the top 40? Yeah...I'd say that's pretty damn good. Hopefully he can build on that next year. Not like he has a whole lotta points to defend in the first part of the year.
I see everyone is jumping on Feli now, but as I've read that the surface has been slowed down very much, it's not a real surprise - Feli is a good player on fast courts.

Anyway... congrats Delpo!
I´m sure Albert thought "you´ve made me fly to Paris for this, u clown?" Pathetic effort from LaLo :rolleyes:
Feli has been pathetic since the US Open. 2 great sets and we all annoint him as a new great player. Puhleeze.
He played well to beat Ferrer in Madrid, and he looked real good in the first set against Federer there as well. Roger seems to bring out the best in him. I enjoy their matches, two single-handed backhands and pleasure to the eyes on both sides of the court.
Match between the two most beautiful women on tour.

Juan Martin wins both contests.
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