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Yesterday i had such a fun day, i had a meeting from work that turn out to be pretty educational i must say, learn a lot about something that i'm about to start working on :yippee:

I had lunch with some of my coworkers, it was really good, reminded me a lot of the old times. When we first got together about a year ago we always did stuff together: shopping, lunch, dinner, clubbing... Now we don't anymore, kind of miss it, guess everyone is just busy with their own life :shrug:.

Finally i got home just in time to see Andy's match, it was awesome! :bounce:

Good luck against Chela Andy!!!

The surprise of the day was finding out about Federer's lost :eek: but i think is a good thing otherwise he was gonna reach the point where wasn't gonna be able to keep on winning points considering how much he has to defends.

Last but not least: Dani good luck against Martina :scared:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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