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Okay time to return to my lil' blog...I'm on my summer vacation and I'm totally enjoying myself! :angel: I've already been 3 days to the seaside, one week in the mountains and in 2 weeks time I'll be leaving for Barcelona! :bounce: :woohoo: I can hardly wait! :dance: I'm gonna buy myself a Ronaldinho t-shirt and lots of tennis magazines. Oh and some yummy Sangria! :drink: :lick: Why can't summer holidays last more??? Oh well, I'll settle for the 3 moths! :angel: I still have half so let the parties begin! :aparty: School time is very far...

A lot of things have happened lately in the tennis world! Wimbledon finished and the winner was obviuosly Roger :rolleyes: :rolleyes: But I must say that Rafa totally impressed me. He will be a Wimbledon champion soon. Maybe not next season but soon...:worship: :worship:

Guille also came back to the tennis courts! :woohoo: He reched the semifinals in Amersfoort last week but had to retire because of a neck injury. Hope he'll be okay, 'cause he has to defend his points from Umag this week! VAMOS MAGO!!!!! :rocker2: :rocker2:

As for my crazy, big OAF, talented Marat Safin things aren't going too great...:hysteric: But he's gonna do great in LA! I know it! I can feel it. He has to beat Gonzo this time. They should meet in the second round of the Countrywide Classic! Third time lucky, right? :p :p :p Revenge is finally on its way... :devil:
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