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tonight, hell the past week, did not go well. The head of the store has just been in this awful mood and she is pissed as hell at Jeff(and threating to fired him) so she is being really, really pissy with me. Being pissy is one thing, but pissy & childish is another. She won't even say hi back to me now and has taken to sending me messages thru various people.

Like last week, i had just gotten in (and walked past her no less then 5 minutes prior) when 1 of my co-workers walks up to me and says she has a message for me, that my crew needs to work on pulls when they get in. no shit sherlock, that is what they are suppose to be doing everyday, but whatever. Little bit later another person comes and delivers the same message. ermm okayyyy, WTF is going on here?! A 3rd person comes with the same message, by this time my crew has already been pushing for an hour. In total the message was delivered 5 freaking times. I finally looked at Pam and asked 'do i have moron written on my forehead?'

then today they figured out that my crew was doing something wrong. When we put things in the backroom we scan them and the computer lists where it should go. well it lists a group, like makeup or office supplies, and a department number, like 038 or 245. Sometimes an item has the name makeup but the number of office supplies, when that happens you go with the number. Well my crew was going by the name so a bunch of stuff ended up in the wrong spot. Okay, point taken i'll talk to my crew. Later Jo comes up and repeats the message again. Told her that the number mix up was what the issue was and that i had already talked to them about it. oh, okay, life goes on... nope, not quite.

Jo catches me later and tells me that the boss doesn't think that is a good excuse and that i am a team lead and that i should know better. pffff train me properly and i would have known how to do it.:rolleyes: Anyway even Jo thought her reaction was out of line cause she looks at me and said something like, 'just let it go. Listen to the message, make your crew continues to do it right and don't worry about it' For her to do that was pretty shocking, it is very rare for the execs to downplay the boss' messages. nice to know that they realise she is going too far with her behavior
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