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A snowfight!! :bounce:
Last time i took part in it was in my last year of high school :lol: Some teachers were on a strike, but not our evil history teacher :mad: but almost everyone decided to skip his class. So my girl friends and i (we were all very serious and brilliant students... normally :angel: ) stayed out of the high school and we made a snowfight...

... but, our boy friends actually went to class (which we never managed to explain as they weren't as serious as we were :rolleyes: :p). And one of them noticed us outside and told everyone (i must confess... it wasn't smart to start a snowfight just in front of the teacher's window :eek: :retard: ).
So they all laughed, and the teacher saw us and said something like 'look at those so-called brilliant ladies' :rolleyes:

We felt so bad when the guys told us... it was very hard to go back to the history class the next week, we were very ashamed :eek:

But we had such a good time :haha:

The aging process has you firmly in its grasp if you never get the urge to throw a snowball.
Doug Larson


what's new under the sun?... i still got problem with my server. It's crazy. Last night i tried to be on the internet, i tried for 45 minutes, but it didn't work at all. I hate it :fiery: My dad still doesn't think of it as a big problem as he uses it in the afternoon, when there are not a lot of people using it, so he has no problem :rolleyes:
Our internet provider is called Alice adsl... and tomorrow, guess what name's day it is.... Alice! :p I'll harrass my father until he gives me their hotline number, and i'll call them to wish them a happy Alice's day :fiery: a**holes :fiery:
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