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Okay so this entry is not because i need to say something of great importance (like any of my entries do that, heh.) Anywho, i just wanted to record in written form how proud i am of 3 DC teams.

The US team (woot for Andy playing like he actually MEANS to WIN finally) the Russian team (woot for Safin and Misha who i love dearly and also to Turso who i also sorta love now lol) and finally the Serbian team (woot to Novak for being a Jesus-Chocolate-Egg [only Jess will get that hehe] and being great as well as JANKO! How i love him so)

Yeah, so that's my congratulations list. Honourary mention goes to Andmy playing at all. I wish he had played Djoko on Friday, since i was looking forward to that match since the tie was announced, but it was nice to see him bouncing around on court anyway :D


I'm in a good mood :)

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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