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DC Final 5th Rubber: Blake d Tursunov 1-6 6-3 7-5

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From the 2nd set on, the match turned out to be very entertaining. Tursunov played much better with the pace Blake was feeding him.
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Blake has won third match this year being two points away from defeat (previously against Monaco & Bjorkman).
4-1 to the US :(
James. :yeah:
Nice way to cap off the season, and the Davis Cup. :worship:
4-1 to the US :(
Yeah, USA decided to throw Russia some crumbs by sacrificing Bob Bryan against Andreev. I wish they could have managed to send in Isner or Young just for the sake of it.
According to my stats, Tursunov hasn't lost already a match from match point up on the main level - he has lost only 3 matches being two points away from victory (Andreev '05, Nieminen '06 & Blake '07).
career changing match for james, this one.
Dima had to save way too many bps. He almost pulled it off too. For somebody who partied late last night, Blake was very impressive from the 2nd set on.
I really enjoyed watching this match. James was impressive once he woke up. Considering that this match was a dead rubber, both players were ripping the ball, and it was fun to watch. It got quite competitive from the 2nd set on. Fun stuff.
this blake is good
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