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As the matches started only at 2 pm we could sleep a bit longer and then we didn’t have to hurry as much as we “normally” had to so that everyone could go to the toilet and taking a shower etc. :p
First match of the day was Baghdatis vs. Acasuso! Both played well but then Baghdatis had more supporters he is more a guy who plays with heart and so he got the crowd on his side and that for sure helped him much to win it …then the next match Nalbandian vs. Srichaphan was quite boring because Nalby won that clearly…without really rallies just simple faults of Srichi…but then in the second set Srichi gave his racket to a ballkid and said to him he should go and play for him… he would be fore sure better than he is doing so far..that was cute 
Then Hrbaty vs. Vliegen… we were for Hrbaty because Vliegen eliminated our Stan  and finally someone could throw him out of the tourney :p
After this we were rooting for Gonzalez and for sure not for Murray  because Berdych was thrown out of him :p
And then finally the last match was a double with Berdych/Novak vs. Black/Nestor there we also rooted for Berdych and Novak… When we met Tschaeggy during the day outside she gave me this interview from the newspaper of Basel with Marco… I read it and I looked at the pic and then she said that she took it with her esp. to gave it to me… she doesn’t need it anymore…that was great of her! Because it is a great interview with many infos about him also new stuff quite informing and also the pic is cute as always :hearts:
Today was also the first day where 3 other “girls” from were in Basel (pippa, Marieke and Carol) so we met them aswell quickly to say hello! On Saturday we will eat with all of them and our group the fondue!
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