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Today will be the meeting with Marco and the guys from the TCOB :bounce: but first it has to become evening  in the newspaper we found our flag printed… so at least a bit of Roger got in the news 
We decided to be the whole day at our seats on the Center Court because those matches were more our taste… first we saw Coria loosing against Vliegen..quite surprising really..but this Vliegen guy played well and Coria wasn’t on his best esp. after loosing the Tiebreak 0-7…:eek:
Then next was Ferrero vs. Acasuso there Acasuso won..also surprisingly… but he had great shots and his serve was working wonderful…
Then the next surprise: Marcos won against Haas…- but here Haas didn’t play good so Marcos took the chance to win!
At all those 3 matches we cheered for the one who finally lost :p first Coria then Ferrero and finally Haas.. as always we were those who shouted their names and sang some Let’s go or so… and then after Haas’ lost the men before us in the VIP Loge stood up and asked us who will be our fav in the match Nalbandian vs. Mayer because then they already know who will loose…:p that wasn’t that nice of them :p and as we weren’t interested in this match we said we don’t care because we now go and eat something… and for sure we had our meeting with Marco and Co.!
When we arrived to the stand where we would meet them the Basel guys already came over to us and we chatted a bit about the swissies and how they played etc. and then suddenly Marco’s father came around the corner and joined us aswell…and then he gave everyone of us his hand and said hi and called us with our name and said he is Lorenzo… so I can already name him like this :lol: then they asked what we wanna drink and Marco’s father explained us that he and Fredy one of the Basel guys will stop drinking till Christmas – Fredy after the Swiss indoors and Marco’s father from Friday on … :lol: nice idea we thought because the days before they always stand there around this Carlsberg stand and drank beer and wine or coke or whatever… they weren’t really watching tennis…
Then Lorenzo phoned to Marco and asked if he forgot it or if he is coming…because some beautiful girls are waiting of him  Marco said that he will come asap – so we talked a bit with his father and Fredy and then HE came… he smiled when he saw us and the first he said was to his father.. why aren’t you watching tennis but always drinking here outside :lol: then he said hi to us  was cute of him… he asked us when we arrived and what we have seen…and we told him that everyone of our fav is out now… and he had to laugh..then we asked him if he heard us shouting and he said sure he did  and that noone can say we’re not giving everything  Sadly he had to leave when Nalbandian won his match because he had guests which were watching this match so when it was finished he had to see that they weren’t bored…  but we saw that he wasn’t that happy with going back to this guests… his father asked if he really has to go and he said yeah unfortunately…but then he said bye and said that we for sure will see him again if we will stay till Sunday!!!
Never thought that a tennis player can be so natural…he walked through all those people lucky for him that quite noone know him…and lucky for us aswell so that we could meet him between all those others 
Then Lorenzo, Fredy and also we wanted to go back to see the match Berdych vs. Murray!
Murray used the stoopballs very often and then at the end they really were annoying… the game wasn’t that fluent anymore… and finally he won and would now face Gonzalez!
Then the last match of the day began – the doubles match Allegro/Heuberger vs Bryan Brothers – and as Marco already said the swissies won’t have any chance…and Allegro wasn’t happy anyway because he didn’t wanted to play doubles with Ivo…he wanted to play with someone else but then he had to say in the next 5 minutes with who he wanna play and so he called everyone and Ivo was the first who replied… so he then put him and Ivo as a team in the competition…
But as it was the last Swiss power left we once again gave everything to help them a bit and as it was the last match many already left so the hall was quite empty..but Marco was watching the match aswell.. so at least something  then when it was finished he stood up and then Jenny and I we both shouted Let’s go Marco Let’s go… he looked up to us and smiled!
Then we went back home and suddenly went to bed… those days are sooo tiring even if you “only” watch tennis 
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