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Day 6 (Thursday) Free stuff!

I was meant to have an early shift today, but I've been so tired from the past few days that I couldn't get up, I sent my supervisor a quick message to let him know that I couldn't make it and I got a couple more hours of sleep.

I went for my 1.00 p.m. shift at the front gate and it was very slow. A couple of the other volunteers and I took a couple of breaks to go walk around and maybe catch a few sets here and there. Ljubicic-Gonzalez was taking forever, so I got there in time to catch the last couple of games and the tie-break in the third set. We walked around a little more and I wanted to go see the end of the Gasquet-Verdasco match, but the others held me up.

I should have gone on my own, because my friend V (from Roger's practice, Roger getting into his car, and pics with Mirka) got Gasquet's towel! He threw a towel into the crowd and someone else caught it, so she yelled out in French "How about one for me too?!" and he threw one at her! She was walking with it draped around her neck all day, and she spent her break rubbing her face in it with an expression of utmost bliss! :haha:

I was on break for a while, so I went to watch what I could of the Nadal match. After hearing that the score of the first set was 6-1 Berdych, I had to see what was happening! I got there in the second set though, and watched Nadal race to a 3-0 lead. I had to go work another shift (in the parking lot this time) so I left in the middle of the second set.

When one of the other volunteers and I went to pick up our walkie talkies from the trailer, we saw that there were a lot of tournament towels (the ones the players use) and cans of balls laying around. We asked the walkie-talkie guy if we could take some, and he said it was okay - he got us a towel and a can of balls each.

I headed out to my parking lot, which was incredibly boring, so I started fiddling around with my walkie-talkie and tuned into some of the other channels. One of them seemed to be the tournament organisers, they joked around a lot (Apparently Ken is hot and one of them can't spell 'caricature') and were talking about the audio in the stadium and what time they were going to get some dance troupe on. During all this, one of them mentioned that Berdych was now leading in the third set, I can't remember what the score was (5-1 I think), but I couldn't believe it! I was so upset that I was sitting in the parking lot while this was going on - apparently Berdych was on fire! I tuned back in to our channel and someone else asked for the score - "Berdych took the third set 6-2" - I had to ask her to repeat it!

Later on, a couple of ladies came back to the parking lot - a mother and daughter. As the daughter went to get the car, she left me with her mother because she didn't want her walking all that way. I talked to her mother for a little bit and asked her how she'd enjoyed the tennis, and she was so excited it was infectious! It was her first tennis match live and she was incredibly impressed with Berdych's play - it was clear she'd had a wonderful time. Apparently she and her daughter are here from Britain on holiday and they leave on Friday, so it was a great end to their vacation.

After my shift was done, I went to eat and watched Dmitry play impressively in the 2nd set against Roger on the television set and once I was done, I went to catch the 3rd set live. While I'm happy Roger won the match, I'm :sad: that Dmitry got bagelled in the 3rd, especially after his great play in the 2nd.

Anyway, I left right after the match so that I could get home at a reasonable hour - at least I don't have an early shift tomorrow!
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