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Today the matches started at 11.45 as we couldn’t enter before 11.30 again we went to the entrance of the players like yesterday and waited for Doris to arrive – but this time there wasn’t anyone interesting coming… so we just stood there in the sun and waited till she came and then we went in the hall. Today we watched the matches Coria vs. Martin then Henman vs. Murray. That Coria would win we thought but that Murray would win over Henman was quite a surprise – and as we rooted for Tim we again had a loss of the player we cheered for …:p
After those two matches our daily highlight came – Michael Lammer vs Jiri Novak
We weren’t that optimistic… and hoped that Michael won’t loose too clearly… This match was a very great one… Michael did everything to win games and rebreak – sadly in the tiebreaks he couldn’t hold Novaks level…but as everything was quite close the atmosphere was wonderful.. .and Jenny, Doris and I shouted Michael’s name and then we began to sing: Let’s go Lammer let’s go :lol: only we 3 but everyone could hear it… and then suddenly Marco sat in the players box – it got a bit difficult for me then because I wanted to watch the match but also see a bit what Marco was doing :lol:
As we sat in the first row again – we shouted Marco’s name so that he looked up and smiled to us so that Jenny could take a pic :p
After his loss Michael had to give a lil interview to Heinz Günthard and he said that it was a wonderful and amazing atmosphere and that he really wanna get better so that he can once again soon play in Switzerland at his homecrowd..and he also said that he is definitely deadly tired but he gave everything he had and so he is quite happy that Novak had to fight for winning it… it was a cute interview… you really saw that he didn’t have the experience on such a crowd and so many fans cheering and clapping for him!
After this match the next 2 players were Nalbandian vs Karlovic – as we were quite hungry we didn’t stay for the match we went outside to eat something and watched the screen from time to time but Nalbandian didn’t have many problems with this huuuuuuge guy 
For the last games we went in again because after this match our last swiss single player was playing - our Georgi boy 
He has to play against Berdych and it all began wonderful for George winning the first set 7-5 but then he got once broken in the second set and 2 times in the 3rd… sadly there weren’t that many people left to watch the match so we 3 again had to give everything to help him 
After this match it was already soon midnight so we left the hall and went to our “meetingpoint” where we waited of Eve… and then Marco passed us but didn’t say anything…and some minutes later he came back and when he passed us he waved with both arms, smiled and said goodbye!
So our second day was over aswell – and there was only one swiss doubles team left and we already knew that they will loose aswell because Allegro/Heuberger vs Bryan/Bryan is quite clear who will win…
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