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Day 5 (Wednesday) Photographs with Mirka!

I had the morning parking lot shift again. It wasn't as busy as yesterday, but somehow it seemed to take longer to pass. Afterwards I ate lunch and then I met up with LCeh from MTF to watch the Blake-Gasquet match and Roger-Seb after.

My friend and I managed to sneak LCeh into the lower level of the stadium, but we weren't allowed to sit down (they do seat fillers sometimes where volunteers can get to sit down in the seating closer to the court). The match was quite good, Gasquet was playing quite poorly at the beginning of the first set, but then he upped his level and by the end it was James who was looking very lackluster.

Tired of standing, we went up to the upper-level seating to watch Fed play Grosjean. My friend immediately saw where Mirka was sitting with Oracene Williams (Venus and Serena's Mum) and Roger's hitting partner. The match wasn't too bad, but it's there's such a huge difference between Fed during practice and during matches it's astounding. During practice it's like he can't really concentrate, he hits lots of errors and his net-play looks mediocre at best. In a match it's like he's "switched on", he's on for every shot and it shows.

After the match was done, my friend decided to look out for Mirka leaving the stadium and then she decided to run down and talk to her! We all went running against the crowd and when we finally got close to Mirka we had one of those silly little conversations:
"Are you going up to her?"
"Yeah, let's go!"
"You talk to her first."
"No, you - what are we going to ask her?"

So my friend and I walk up to her and go "Mirka? Mirka?" nervously and she turns around and says "Yes?"

My friend asks "Will you take a picture with us?"
"Okay, but just a quick one," she says, in a soft, heavily accented voice.

We remove our badges and hats and get one of the centre court volunteers to take a picture of us. Roger's hitting partner comes up and asks "What is going on here?" during the commotion, but obviously he sees we only want a picture and he goes to wait behind us. I wanted to tell Mirka how awesome we think she is for all that she does for Roger, but she walked away immediately after the picture. As Roger would say, "It's a pity!"

I'll post the pics in once my friend sends them to me. Somehow we managed to lose LCeh during all this :)o sorry!), and I had to go back to work so I couldn't find him.
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