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My computer hard drive has been acting up again :rolleyes: which explains the lack of reports for the past 3 days. So this is a summary of what I can remember from the past 3 days.

Day 4 (Tuesday, Roger's birthday) - Into the bowels of the tournament.

Today I was stationed in the parking lot, getting people from their cars into the shuttle buses. It's a lot less hectic than the drop-off point and there are very few impatient people - everyone is looking forward to watching tennis. I only had a morning shift, so I went to the hairdressers in the afternoon and went back to the stadium to watch Roger play PHM.

I only caught the second set, but Roger was firing aces like he was getting paid. To tell the truth, the match was a little boring - I obviously prefer a boring win to an interesting loss, but even the crowd seemed a little low key. They brought out a huge cake after the match and Roger went off with a little piece (what happened to the rest of the cake?) and then he went off to do some interviews, and I went down to one of the other courts to catch DiMarat play Blake and Ginepri.

The interesting part of today came pretty late. I went to get some food, but all they had was some beef dish with nothing else, so I asked the catering lady where I could get some side dishes. She directed me to the umpires and officials lounge, which I had never been to. So I went down the stairs to look for it and discovered:
The player's and ball boy's exit from Centre Court;
Player's entry and exit from the tournament;
Player laundry (for towels and stuff);
Racquet stringers (I wanted to ask for Roger's racquet specs to settle the TW debate for once and for all :lol: );
Passage leading to the Men's Lockerroom (too shy to enter);
And finally, the Umpires and officials lounge - and there was no way I was going in there, I was sure I'd be kicked out immediately.

Walking back down the passageway, I heard someone behind me and it looked like Marat! I turned back, but I still wasn't sure and then I came to a bend in the passage. I decided to wait for about half a minute, but he didn't come round it, so I guess he decided to stop somewhere along the way.

I went back to the volunteer lounge to tell my friends and we decided to go back and take a look. I made my friends stop again because they had pulled up Roger's car to the exit, and I thought we'd catch him leaving. We chatted to the security guard for about 10 minutes - one of the supervisors came by and asked us if we were waiting for a player and warned us that we weren't supposed to ask for autographs. No one showed up though, so we decided to watch the second set of the Hewitt match. Walking up the stairs, we saw the driver come out, so we stopped again, and this time Roger came out! One of the catering staff yelled out "Happy Birthday, Roger!" to him, and my friend started yelling "Goodbye Roger" too and waving - and the supervisor who warned us was standing right there! I thought about going into my "I'll still marry you" routine, but Mirka came out and I was glad I didn't.

Even though I wasn't working, I still ended up leaving pretty late and I got home at about midnight.
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