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This update won't be too long, I got home at 1.00 a.m. last night and I crashed into bed immediately - I have the morning shift today as well.

Yesterday I only had the late shift - 5.00 p.m. to End of Play. I thought I'd get to the Stadium early to catch a couple of matches, but I was feeling lazy and decided to relax at home all day.

I was working the shuttle-bus shift again, which was even worse than before. While it wasn't too busy (except at the very end) - the people waiting for the shuttle buses had been watching tennis all day and were mostly tired and in a bad mood. Even worse, half the drivers decided to go on a dinner break without telling us! I had to wait with two gentlemen for about 20 minutes before I realised this - one of the other bus drivers who was willing to take them to their parking lot told me that her colleague was on break "Didn't he tell you?" :fiery: No, he didn't!

The worst time was about 11.30 when the last match was done and thousands of people all came pouring out of the stadium at once. There were huge lineups everywhere and everyone was in such a bad mood - someone else who was working at the tournament :fiery: all day actually yelled at me while he was in line and I lost my patience and had to go calm down for 10 minutes. Neither of us are getting paid for this buddy, so don't give me your crap!

He actually had the nerve to say "I'm tired and I've been working on my feet all day, why can't you have the shuttle buses all ready when the match is done?" I showed him my volunteer badge in response to the "working on my feet all day" comment and he replies, "Well you're still on your shift," like I can't be tired from having inconsiderate people yell at me for things I'm not responsible for.

Anyway, to try and cheer people up a little, I'd tell them "Good night!", "I hope you enjoyed the tennis today!" and other such things and for the majority it worked. One guy (who was pretty good-looking actually) who had been waiting in line with the guy who was yelling at me actually shook my hand and thanked me for doing my job. All his friends with him decided to do the same and at that moment when I was feeling so frustrated and upset it felt so good to hear that. To that guy (and his friends) I thank you, you made my day. :hug:

We finally got to leave the stadium at midnight - one of the other volunteers who had a car dropped a couple of us off at the subway station so that we didn't have to take the bus (thanks!) and I finally got home just before 1.00 a.m.

Anyway, I hate shuttle buses with the passion and intensity of a thousand burning suns. Hopefully today will be better (parking lot shift :eek: ). I have to run or I'll be late!
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