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So today work was less eventful. I was working a different shift - the front gate, basically welcoming people and handing out maps like candy. Today's parrot line was "Hi, would you like a site map?" which is a little shorter and less annoying than yesterday's line.

There was a much larger crowd today because it was 'Family Fun Day' and they had a lot of entertaining booths for the kiddies and their parents. I made a couple more new friends over lunch (disappointment of the day - rice with eggplant and all the cookies were gone by the time we got there :sad: ) and I watched the second set of Kevin Kim(USA) vs. George Bastl(SUI). Kim was playing really well and took the match 7-6, 6-3 and again there was quite a number of people watching.

More players came out today, I caught the end of Grosjean practicing with Rusedski - Stepanek came out after, and Haas was practicing with Malisse out on the other court. I heard Ljubicic was around, but I didn't get a chance to see him.

Today's highlight was watching Roger practise in Centre Court with his hitting partner (I don't know his name, but I believe he played in Swiss juniors with Roger). Since it was only practice, my friend and I went right down to the front to sit courtside which is awesome, considering we won't get a chance to watch any matches from that close. I managed to take better pics this time which I hope to post later in the pics thread.

Anyway during the practice match there was a cute Swiss guy sitting next to us (didn't get his name though) teaching us how to say "We love you", "Marry me!" and other such endearments to Roger. At first we were too shy to say anything, but there was a Phillipino family beside us who were quite rowdy and weren't afraid of trying to catch Roger's attention and kept making jokes about things to yell out to him.

Sitting next to them must have relaxed my inhibitions and the fact that Roger was in a better mood today probably helped, because the next time he hit an awesome shot (one of his unreturnable flying forehands, if you must know) I yelled out "Marry me, Roger!" and he (and the crowd) laughed and he nodded his head a little as if to say yes.

Later on he hit a forehand wide and yelled out in frustration, so I called out "I'll still marry you, Roger!" which brought more laughs. By now I was quite shameless and feeling like I was on a roll, I also took the opportunity to shout "Let's go Mr. Hot Legs!" - an joke. :eek: :lol: I still can't believe I did that! During one of the breaks, I Roger and his partner were talking and pointed in my direction and they both laughed and I wondered if he was saying "That's the girl who keeps yelling things at me!". :eek: :eek: :eek:

Anyway, when practice was over, he signed a few autographs on the other side of the court, and when he came over to our side (close to the exit) I saw that Mirka was sitting there! :eek: I'm sure she hears a lot of things yelled out by girls to Roger all the time, but I still felt very embarassed!

Finally, leaving the tournament, I passed by the line up for the shuttle buses to talk to one of the other volunteers and a lady in line asked me "Were you that girl yelling out "Marry me" and all that other stuff during Roger's practice? I saw you through my binoculars" and I had to say yes, although I didn't believe that I could be that person yelling out stuff during matches. Then her husband said jokingly "I have some footage of you, how much are you willing to pay for it?" Unfortunately I didn't ask them to send them to me, so I'll have to look out for them some other day, but apparently there's pics/video of me being a shameless hussy!

That's all the interest and excitment of day two, my face is now 4 shades darker than my chest, my eyes hurt from too much sun, and my feet are sore from standing all day, but this is the most fun I've had all summer!
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