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Davai Davai in Moselle

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i know paulo's fans will :armed: me..but if igor defeats paulo he must have a cheering thread! here all u're cheerings for igor and (if u have) nice pics from this tournement!

Davai Davai Igor!
:wavey: :bounce::banana::bounce: :wavey:
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Looking forward for 3rd final in a row :D :worship:

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:wavey:hy russian elephant..let's cheer togheter;)!

Igor is No.30 in ATP champions race :worship:
It's sad that clay season is over...
He has serious opponents here - favourite PHM ;) , then Gasquet or Beck - it will be great if he managed to get here into 1/2 :)

i know i's a horrible draw..but he can make it through!
what about the links russian elephant?and what's u're name?i'm miruna!
links are Russian-Romanian translators
10x then:hug:!
only one problem michael..i need romanian -russian:lol:!
Search Romanian sources :)
There should be :)
Russian is one of official United Nations languages ;) :cool:
when i searc a romanian -russian dic it replys me all stuf of porno sites!but i don't know why...
I'm cheering for Igor too! Even though i like PHM too...but Igor is better...DAVAI IGOR! This brings back memories...from the BCR Open final this year...
Davai Davai !!! I think that Igor has a good chance in front of PHM so Davai Igor and...Stand up 4 the champion...stand up 4 Igor Andreev !!!
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:wavey:hy deea..nice to see new ppl cheering igor:hug:!
i love that pic alina;)!
Really cool pic...too bad they have to play against each other so soon...
:banana: I am so happy Paulo will play Igor :woohoo: Sorry girls but he is getting his @$$ kicked so badly :devil:
Hmmmm...I wouldn't be so sure about that...Let's wait and see!!!! DAVAI IGOR!!!
I'm not sure too...
Only allez Paulo! :p
god i'm not the only one :hug: deea!
The world is so cruel...Igor lost 7-6 6-4 :bigcry:
Why? Why? :sobbing:
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