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Greetings to all, I'm a tennis fan, and I have made a website to share my opinion with other fans for upcoming matches and tennis match analysis techniques. Here I'll post my previews every day. My picks can be found on the website and by subscription. Hope I'll not be boring ;)

Choice for tomorrow, Sunday 25 September:
Match: Ljubicic - Davydenko,
Selection: Davydenko [email protected] (do not know odds yet, local bookie offers 1.85).
First of all, I saw the match Ancic-Davydenko and can
say it was a convincing victory, the russian is in good
physical form and rather faultless. Davydenko did not play
a pair match today, and I think it was a tactical decision
to give him a rest, while croatian played 2 hard matches with
Youzhny and today's pair game, both in 5 sets.
Main reasons for the bet - Davydenko is fresh
and if he could involve Ljubicic in longer rallies
(not serve-and-volley game), his chances are greater.

since you are a new you probably don't know but you are not supposed to be advertising such websites here - however I will check with the admins to make sure it's ok to leave otherwise I will need to delete this thread

however you are welcome to contribute in our daily threads
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Not open for further replies.