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The recent surge in inappropriate behaviour within the daily livescoring has led to the need for the site administrators and moderators to formally communicate to MTF users certain posting rules which all must adhere to without exception.

Whilst this may appear as an exhaustive list, we feel it will improve the quality of the threads and ensure all members are comfortable in posting scores and discussing the matches whilst in progress.

1. Abusive posts to “vent” about players will not be tolerated.
2. No bashing of fellow MTF members
3. Posting of crude smileys or images directed towards other members or players will not be tolerated.
4. No posting of incorrect scores. Scores of matches which are posted where it is not publicly available due to scoreboard malfunction or no TV coverage must always quote a source.
5. The concept of “jinxing” players using terms such as “GSM” before the actual completion of the match will not be tolerated.
6. All thread creators of the daily livescore threads must type out in full the order of play per the ATP website in the first post and not simply post a link to it.
7. Gambling discussion should not be held in here. Please use the gambling forum where appropriate.
8. All posts in the scoring threads must be in English

If there are any gamblers that feel can not adhere to the basic rules per the above, we ask them to post in the separate livescoring threads which you will find in the gambling forum of the board.

Users deemed to have broken any of the guidelines will result in an offical warning and on second offense an automatic 2 week suspension from MTF. A third offense will result in 3 month ban with a fourth indiscretion resulting in a permanent ban.

These rules may change from time to time so please ensure you always read them each week before posting. If you have any questions or concerns please contact any member of the MTF team as listed below

[B]Current/Upcoming Tournament Moderator Team[/B]

[B]Admin Team[/B]
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