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That Ferrer beat Ljubicic on clay is not terribly surprising; he just hung in there and waited for Ljubicic's to garotte himself with unforced errors. Lopez, though he lost, put in a pretty good showing for clay. I enjoyed his net play. I'd think, given his Wimbledon showing, that he'd been one player happier with a longer grass season, but then I find that he hasn't entered Halle or Queen's and I have to wonder. Apparently Nottingham is more important...

Federer's another one. I can only imagine if three Grand Slams were played on grass as in Rod Laver's day. It would be like the Groundhog Day movie, only for an entire year, and that year would be 2004. As he would say, it's a pity...

The French is coming, the French is coming! Draw in two days!
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