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It has been a shit week CRAP CRAP CRAP!!!

Monday - Started off well, went out got totally shloshed :) :p

Tuesday - Woke up couldnt move, bruises all over, headache, stomach ache argh!!! and no one had any paracetamol :(

Wednesday - One word FAILED argh!!!! why oh why cant i f ing pass my test, then afterwards i went to collect my uni results but office was closed but the dudes that were running it basically told us to p off how f ing rude :ras: plus it really got to me that i was so far away from home and that i miss my family i mean how pathtic is that im 18 and at uni but still im so dependent on my folks but who gives a shit!!! i just wanted a hug off my mum

Thursday - Well went back to get results, actually really good a 2:1 and a 1st :woohoo: but am totally bored all my flat mates have left!!!

Friday - Probably be CRAP!

Sat & Sun - Working at scummy maccyd's so CRAP

p.s. my 2 fave tennis peeps bloody ruined everything and made all things worse, so i am boycotting if they dont do well i wont use em as my avaters, serves em rite :p

ahhh rant over still CRAP!!!

but to cheer me up :)

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