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Ok, I feel like ranting today. Let's say it is the result of a combination of several things.

First, the explosion of those threads in non tennis about being hot or not. Considering we all have our own criteria of what we consider being hot, I don't see the use of talking and talking again about that, especially when the question of the poll is "are you hot or not?" Hot, for whom? What is hot? Either those who reply are stupid or blind, or they simply don't know what they're talking about. Whatever, that's tiring.

Second, all those magazines which, at the same period of the year, like to hassle poor girls and women with what they consider being the issue of the moment, that is losing weight, sculpting the body blah blah blah, in order to feel comfortable and hot on the beach this summer. Oh boy!! The saddest is that it works. They sell a lot just because they pretend and claim they have the diet of the century that will make you lose weight like never before. This, added to a specific gym programm supposed to make you look like those barbiegirls, totally rebuilt from head to toes, by easthetic surgery. Well, if you look at those headlines, every year, and that you take just a little time to think about it, you'd easily notice that the promises are all the same every year. Which should mean that the promises of the past years didn't work or didn't last....Just think about it. :)

Why do I feel the need to rant about that? I mean, I could just content myself with turning my head the other way when I happen to read such headlines. Well, that's simple. Maybe because I have been obese myself and maybe also because I have, once upon a time, believed in their shitty advices. So, if by chance, somebody in reading these words, just open their eyes about the silliness of it all, I'd have the feeling I haven't lost my time....
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