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Could Sonchat-Sanchai Rattiwattana will reach top 20 in double?

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I hope they could reach top 20 in double within this year? Currently they are in rank 42 in double and I hope Thai twins could meed American twins soon.
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I don't think so :shrug: I think they are Challenger-level players who are surpassing themselves at the moment, but are not good enough for Top 20.
Top 20 in doubles means nothing since
Look who's in top 20.
This Vizner is 37 and did nothing in his career.
Probably not. They would need to score big in GS and MS tournaments too and that's going to be very difficult for them I think.
Probably not. They would need to score big in GS and MS tournaments too and that's going to be very difficult for them I think.
you're a hater so your opinion doesnt count
you're a hater so your opinion doesnt count
Boris Franz Ecker is the hater. Look at the shit he writes all the time.
It's relatively easy to reach the top 20 in doubles and I think they can do it. They are pretty solid and since they focus completely on doubles they have a big advantage. Could and Will in the same sentence is a bit strange by the way ;)
If they're psychically linked like the Bryan twins then they can go far. ;)
Yes, I agree with Timotheus, they overall have a chance, but IMO it is kinda unlikely. They may be a threat in the challengers or Asian events, but it's not enough to get into top 20. There are too many better player specializing in doubles (or the Youzhny/Kohlschreiber sometimes ;) ), and to be ranked so high the consistency is needed very much.
I only saw them playing once. That was in DC against Germany two years ago. At that time they didn't even look as if they would ever reach top 50. But they did. So maybe they will go even higher :shrug:
Tong and Ton have the ability to make it to top 20 in doucles.If u look at how their ranking is on an upward trajectory, u can tell that they make it by this year. The win in Bangkok final last year over Llodra/Mahut gave them the confidence and boost they needed. This year they followed up in Channai beating Youzhny and Baghdatis, then in N. America they had good showing. Those who say they are challenger level players don't know what they are talking about. Perhaps basing their opinion on seeing them once or twice. It all boils down to prejudice that if u are not farang u have to be rare to make it to the top. What they don't realise is Asian tennis catching up fast and not just in wta.
I think they will, not sure though if already this year
Since there are only around ~ 10 serious teams, it's nearly inavoidable to reach the top 20 if one seriously teams up with another player.
if you want to see the profile of Tong and Ton and check their progress or follow other Thai tennis players, go to:
yeah if they keep the form up i think they would make it.
They could, but I doubt it will be this year. Because their rankings aren't high enough to get them into the masters events, which normally have a cutoff in the 50's for a combined ranking, they're going to have to consistantly do very well (typically either reach the finals or win) a lot of international series tournaments and make deep runs in the grand slams. Unless they do very well at RG or Wimbledon I can't see them being ranked high enough to get direct entry into either Cincinnati or Montreal, although Madrid and Paris are possibilities. Rome and Hamburg are almost certainly out of the question.

Advancing up the ranks in doubles is actually a little bit tougher (in terms of accumulating points) than it is in singles, since doubles players have to compete with singles players for direct entry. Lipsky/Martin, who've also shown that they're capable of competing at a high level are in the same boat as the Ratiwatana twins. Butorac/Murray had a similar problem last year when trying to get into IW/Miami.
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Both mugs.

Who cares anyway? Doubles is worthless outside of the Davis cup. Full of players that are not good enough for singles.
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